I began making teaspoons in response to Norman Stevens’ landmark “teaspoon project” which has been documented in his new book, A Gathering of Spoons, released by Linden Publishing in December 2012.

Prior to this project I had rarely worked at such a small scale, though I have long studied contemporary flatware patterns as a source of design elements. I have continued to make teaspoons, some of which can be seen here. In contrast with most of my current work, some of the teaspoons are functional and can be used as small serving spoons. I also make slightly larger serving spoons that can be used at the table. I am glad to accept commissions for these two types of spoons.


Multiple Teaspoons in many styles and woods including Beech, Hard Maple, Eastern Hophornbeam, Black Cherry, and Serviceberry Teaspoons: Group 2 Teaspoons: Group 1