My work is often grounded in spoon and bowl forms but it can range far afield. While the forms of some, such as “Spoon Interrupted,” are clearly influenced by functional spoons, others, such as “Cable Vision,” show very little evidence of such inspirations. None of my current works are intended for use. They are decorative objects created for visual and tactile enjoyment, meant to transmit the essential beauty and complexity of wood. They range in size from 6 inches to 30 inches or more in length and the dimensions for each piece are noted on the individual item pages. I suggest that you keep your display intentions in mind as you consider each piece. Where the large pieces can fulfill a decorative role, a smaller spoon might better be shown in a more intimate display setting.

In addition to the decorative work displayed in this gallery, I enjoy creating commissioned work such as the teaspoons featured in the Norman Stevens Collection which has been beautifully documented in the recently published “A Gathering of Spoons”. Although this gallery is dedicated to my decorative sculptural spoons, I also welcome visitors who are interested in requesting a commissioned piece to peruse examples of my functional spoons.

This website is a work-in-progress. I invite you to visit frequently as new object images and other material will be added regularly.


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Gallery photos by Rudy Hellmann