Burnt Offering Sculptural Hard Maple Spoon

This spoon was created from part of a tree where a branch had broken off and died, and the tree was cut down some time later. The broken branch being no longer alive had started to deteriorate creating the rough area. In this case, the top surface of the wood is just as it was split by a firewood -processing machine yielding an almost ladle like shape. I have made several spoons on this theme and am indebted to highly accomplished woodcarver and spoonmaking student Dan Driscoll for the title of the series.

WOOD: Hard Maple

DIMENSIONS*: 12.5″ x 3″ x 3.25″


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* NOTE ABOUT DIMENSIONS: Dimensions are listed in this order: length x width x height; measured to the nearest quarter-inch. All dimensions are for the piece as it sits or lies on a flat surface.

Photo credit: Rudy Hellmann