Intentional Injury European Buckthorn spoon

It’s possible to cut through a tree’s bark in a few places without directly killing the tree (witness all the hearts containing pairs of initials carved into beech tree bark). The bark that is removed will not grow back but callus tissue will form around the area. I’ve been experimenting with intentionally removing small sections of bark from European buckthorn tree, waiting a few years for callus to form and then using the injured areas as decorative elements. The top of the handle on this spoon exhibits this process.

WOOD: European Buckthorn

DIMENSIONS*: 17″ x 2″ x 2″


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* NOTE ABOUT DIMENSIONS: Dimensions are listed in this order: length x width x height; measured to the nearest quarter-inch. All dimensions are for the piece as it sits or lies on a flat surface.

Photo credit: Rudy Hellmann