Pirogue: Hard Maple, boat-inspired scoop

The wood for this vessel was found at the base of 150+ year old Sugar Maple tree. It was part of the “buttress” area where the trunk flares out at its base. This is difficult wood to harvest, but where exceptionally beautiful figure may be found. I made several other pieces from this stock and each displays remarkable patterning. The shape is one of the boat forms that I find very appealing and that often appear in my work.

Pirogue was in the exhibition: “Emil Milan and His Circle of Influence” at The Center for Art in Wood in Philadelphia November 7, 2014-January 24, 2015.

WOOD: Hard Maple

DIMENSIONS*: 22″ x 4″ x 3″


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* NOTE ABOUT DIMENSIONS: Dimensions are listed in this order: length x width x height; measured to the nearest quarter-inch. All dimensions are for the piece as it sits or lies on a flat surface.

Photo credit: Rudy Hellmann